Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Wedding Bells!

I've been quiet the last few weeks as life has been rather busy for me!

One major thing that has taken up my time has been making sure we have everything to fly to Canada for our upcoming wedding!

Yes... you heard that right! David and I are getting married next week! I apologise for the many exclamation marks that will litter this post, but I think they are quite justified as I am excited!

Our engagement has been short, compared to most people's, but in a way, it's felt like forever. Ever since David and I started talking about marriage, to the moment he pulled out that special ring, I have been eager to blend our lives together and make our commitment to each other official.

The planning process has been interesting. Some days it feels like we barely had to do a thing, and on other days, it felt like our to-do list was impossibly large. Planning a wedding abroad meant that I had rely heavily on my family in Canada. My mom became our wedding planner and so while that meant that we didn't have to do a lot of the running around, calling, and appointments, it did mean that my mom got the pleasure of doing that for us! A huge thanks to her for that. As for our work... well... I have a couch full of things we need to remember to take with us when we fly over. We will have very full suitcases!

One of the things that I enjoyed far more than I expected to, was the whole dress thing. Originally, I wanted something simple, non expensive, and not super wedding-y. I first went to try on dresses with a friend, and all of the dresses that I found were too much. Too much poof, too much bling and far too much dress for me. The next time I went, I had my future mother-in-law along for the ride. I showed the shop lady pictures and told her specifically what I didn't want. She was amazingly great at figuring out what I actually did want. When I put the dress on the first time, I felt great. I felt pretty, fancy, but yet still very much like me. The second time I tried it on, I knew I wouldn't find a dress that I liked more. Even though it was a proper wedding dress, it fit my criteria and I loved it.  After the alterations were done, I didn't want to take my dress off! I think that's the moment that I turned from a woman getting married to a bride.

If that doesn't convince you that I've turned to the dark side of the wedding industry... I've also got an appointment to get my nails done the day before the wedding. Yup... me. I hate nail polish and haven't had any on my hands since my sister's wedding, years ago. But alas... the wedding industry has claimed me.

Don't worry too much though... because although I am excited over my dress and submitting to the beautification process that many females do on a regular basis (I may even wear eye makeup!), I do realise that the wedding itself is not what I am actually excited about. Sure, I'm looking forward to seeing family and friends. It will also be great to eat good food, and dance to good music, but at the end of it, what I'm most excited for is the marriage.

See... marriages often follow weddings and while I'm sure the wedding will be a lovely time, at the end of it, I won't be a bride, but rather a wife.

And that, my friends, is why I cannot wait until next week, when I get to officially start my life with the man that I love.

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  1. Beautifully stated, Erin! You won't be a bride, but a wife. <3 Best wishes to you and David!