Monday, 14 October 2013

Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's Thanksgiving in Canada and so today, I wanted to take some time to discuss what Thanksgiving means to me.

Growing up, I enjoyed Thanksgiving as it meant a day off school, lots of turkey and time hanging out with family. I do have to admit though, that I always held some resentment towards the holiday. You see... Thanksgiving (in Canada) falls on the second Monday of October. My birthday also happens to usually fall around this time. Sharing your birthday with a holiday always meant issues planning a party as everyone was usually away either on the long weekend or other weekends surrounding it and having the sharing of the gifts as an afterthought at family gatherings. Not that I expect to always be the centre of attention... but on one's birthday, it is nice. Although, I suppose I can't complain too much as, in our family, December 24th is never Christmas Eve, but rather birthday day for my Mom and sister. The one perk of having my birthday near/sometimes on, a holiday is that I did have a much better chance of getting it off of school than most people. That and getting Grandma pies. My Grandma J. makes the best pies ever. I don't care if you think your grandma makes the best... I'm 100% confident that Grandma J.'s are the best that I've ever had or are likely to have. Today, I no longer feel any sort of resentment for having a holiday birthday, but rather Thanksgiving has become my favourite holiday.

Thanksgiving is usually the time of year that I like most. It falls nicely in the middle of October, when usually the leaves are falling, the air is crisp and the sun is still warm enough that being outside is rather pleasant. Trees are a myriad of colours, brightening the landscape. Here, in the UK, however, this is not the case. Some trees are turning colour, and yes, the air is cool, but it is a damp cold that sets into your bones and the leaves are mostly falling because of the rain, but yet, I am still thankful.

I am thankful that I had the opportunity to move here, to live and to work here. I am thankful that I met my future husband here and that I've met some amazing friends and had some wonderful experiences. I am thankful that I am able to travel, able to have a career and able to enjoy life.

I am thankful for my family who have been loving and supportive. I am thankful for my friends, who have been there to have a laugh and also when times have been tough. I am thankful for growing up safe, and with luxuries that many around the world do not have.

I am thankful that I possessed the capabilities and the opportunities to complete two degrees, allowing me to work in the field that I feel called to work in.

I am thankful for a loving God who shows me compassion beyond all understanding, and love beyond comprehension.

I guess... this Thanksgiving, I just really feel thankful and I know that I am so blessed.

Today, please do remember to just be thankful.


Thanksgiving meal... yum!

Pumpkin tarts... made by Ashley. SO GOOD!

Birthday cupcakes thanks to my wonderful fiancee!
More Thanksgiving meal... :)

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